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PESO: Partnering for Scientific Software Ecosystem Stewardship Opportunities

PESO is a newly-funded five-year post-ECP software-ecosystem stewardship and advancement project. PESO will establish and steward a sustainable scientific software ecosystem comprising libraries and tools that deliver the latest high-performance algorithms and capabilities for DOE mission-critical applications.

Key PESO goals

  • PESO will enable applications to realize 100X improvement in both high-end capabilities and energy efficiency by leveraging accelerator devices
  • PESO will emphasize software product quality, the continued fostering of software product communities, and the delivery of products, working with the Scientific Software Stewardship Consortium (S3C)

Key PESO activities

  • Partnerships: We will lead efforts in S3C to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce with sustainable career paths. We will shepherd the Better Scientific Software Fellows Program and contribute to the leadership of the web portal.
  • Services: We will provide services including software product management, integration, and delivery. We will also address software quality assurance and security.
  • Products: We will deliver and support products via Spack and E4S. We will provide porting and testing platforms leveraged across product teams to ensure code stability and portability. We will also facilitate the delivery of other products such as AI/ML libraries as needed by the HPC community.

Through these partnerships, services, and products, PESO will establish a trusted software ecosystem essential to DOE’s mission.


The PESO team is just ramping up. To find out more about the project, contact Mike Heroux